5 Signs Its Time For A New Logo Design

01. Your Brand Is Growing

Regardless of the nature of your business, if you find your business, like many other businesses in South Africa, going through a significant growth, now’s the best time to think about investing in a new logo design. This will bring new attention to your company, and the customers will have a good first impression and ultimately increase your sales.

Spending a few hundred or thousand Rands on a brand-new and fresh logo will definitely bring a significant difference in this regard, and no doubt it’s the best way to boost your brand visibility cost-effectively.

Also, it’s not unusual for businesses to expand or shift their focus, such as adding a new line of products, acquiring another company or merging with another company. If your business has changed in some significant way, consider changing your logo too to reflect those changes.

02. Your Logo Is Out Of Touch With Market Trends

Just like everything in South Africa and the rest of the world, design trends change frequently, just like the world of technology and fashion. When you realise that your brand is not coherent with the latest trends, its time to change it. That means you may not be the same business as when you started. If your business is continually getting swept up by a massive wave of irrelevance and you find yourself surrounded by tons of competition, a logo can help you stand out from the crowd.

As a result, your logo no longer accurately reflects what you do and who you do it for. If that’s the case, your logo may not be “you” anymore and its time to bring it back in line with your organization. You grow your organization based on opportunities and strengths. Think about visiting a website designed a decade ago. Or a house decorated in the 80s, it may have looked amazing then, but its outdated now.

Its easy to tell that is obsolete, its tired and outdated. Trends and tastes change, and that affect perceptions of your logo design and branding. What was once modern and trending in 2010 lost essence and power in 2020, Google has changed its logo 3 times since 2010, Note this doesn’t mean performing a complete overhaul, but rather making subtle stylistic changes to your logo to keep it current.

When people see a logo that looks outdated, they perceive an organization as out-of-touch with modern best practices and it doesn’t represent your evolution. While you cannot directly influence the trends, you can still ensure that you keep up to date with the industry trends.

Maybe your business hasn’t changed but how you present it to the world has through a rebranding or repositioning effort. Whenever you undertake a rebranding, you should make sure updating your logo is part of your effort. Your logo is a brand reflection and you always want them to be on the same page. Even if you still like your logo, it’s a good idea to give it a polish as part of your overall rebranding effort. The Logo Design Co will help you reposition your brand.

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03. Your Logo Pales If Compared To Your Competitors

You were probably at the top of your game, maybe the best in your industry and now, suddenly, you’ve got some serious competition, big or small. You can feel intimidated or you can stand up tall and fight for your place.

A logo redesign can help by showing your existing customers that you’re modern and up-to-date and prospective customers that you are worthy of being considered.
You should always analyse and evaluate the current logos of you competitors. If you realize the logos of your competitors are more attractive and convincing, then it’s the right moment to perform some upgrades.

Your logo should always be more compelling, attractive and more professional and eye catching than those of your prominent competitors. In order to achieve this, The Logo Design Co. can design a logo for you at a very competitive rate.

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04. Current Logo Doesn’t Depict Your Business

If your customers are confused by the logo of your business, then it’s a sign that its not the best representation of your business. Your business may have evolved and grown, and your service offerings may have changed over time. If that is the case and your company logo does not give an accurate representation, then its time to invest some rands into rebranding to keep up with the modern trends and current offerings.

You would want to find a balance between disrupting the visual connection that your customers have with your old logo and redesigning a new logo. The Logo design Co can help with that. We will invest some time to understand how your customers are relating to your current logo and explore the possible consequences of a dramatic rebranding. Will your existing customers be confused? If so, is it a risk you’re comfortable taking as you work to build a new customer base?

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05. Is Your Logo Still Identifiable?

The world has moved drastically from the traditional over the years. Odds are, you’re not developing TV commercials or paying for billboard ads, but instead, brands are created for social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. This means that logos today have to be designed with responsive aspect in mind. If your logo can not be viewed on a small screen, it needs to be redesigned, or if it has a lot of clutter, it needs redesigning.

Making it simple will also help it be more memorable for the audience, thereby ensuring that your design is more relevant. With a good logo in hand, you can start creating an impactful brand that will catch consumers’ eyes while keeping you on their minds for a long time to come.

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The Logo Redesign Process

Ok, so now that you’ve asked yourself the key questions, done the necessary research, made the decision and now ready to take the next step and proceed with your logo redesign. Congrats! This is a big step for you and your company. Now, it’s time to get to work.
While most of the logo design process is going to be the same whether you’re on you first or fifth iteration of your logo, here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re specifically working on a redesign:
Try to avoid directly comparing your new logo options to your old as a measure of success. Instead, focus on how the new logo represents your brand or speaks to your customers.
Change can bring unexpected emotions and experiences—whether that’s excitement about something new or anxiety about changing too much. Be sure to apply your mind on new logo designs before finalizing so you know you’re making a change for the right reasons.

Some elements of a logo redesign—going with a new color or completely different design style, for example—will require larger changes to your branding and marketing collateral (like new business cards, a new website, etc). If you’re not ready to overhaul everything, consider keeping some elements the same!

Click on the picture to see our step by step logo design process

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Yeyii, so you’ve got a fresh logo design, now what?
The transition from old to new will starts with deciding if you will phase out your old logo and phase in the new one over a period of time or if you will do it overnight . Either way you will have to update your logo across all platforms and company materials, ie email signatures business cards and social media. Congrats on taking the chance on a fresh new logo!

Ready to redesign your logo? Click here to get in touch so we can discuss how we can give your brand a fresh new look, whether you are located in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, East London or anywhere in South Africa

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